Show Off has been involved in industrial design from 1994. Amongst the projects which have been so far undertaken, the most significant are in the field of telecommunications. These range from the design of the first “set top boxes”, containers for the new electronics for interactive TV and, for digital reception of satellite and cable TV, for Italtel, to the study and realisation of the stand for "Consorzio promotore ISDN", at the SMAU of 1995, which covered 300 square meters from twenty leading telecommunications companies. Showoff, other than dealing with the design of the object, takes part in all the stages of the process which goes from prototype to mass production. While dealing with industrial design Showoff offers graphic design services such as the creation of logos for corporations and brands, the development of corporate and brand identity, the production of brochures, manuals, and catalogues. Some of the projects are listed in this page in chronological order. It is possible to enter the related page for each object by clicking the appropriate image

Showoff company logo
tilting TV base
design of receiving drawer for interactive TV
IPM information point (multimedia point)

SMAU94 with Consorzio Promotore ISDN

I-Kit Italcom Interactive TV receiver
Tv-Tel Italcom

SMAU95, stand for Consorzio Promotore ISDN

In Video, digital receiver for Italtel
Creation of the trade Mark for In Video Packaging for In Video
Instruction Leaflet for I-Kit

SMAU Industrial Design Price

Transformation of In Video 
Ondulor logo
Fresco logo

Ondulor corporate brochure
Ondulor stand for Mac-Frut, Cesena
Italtel digital riceiver 
Echostar front of digital riceiver

Fracarro front of digital riceiver

Transformation of I-Kit into a receiver
Four projets for a new digital receiver

Design of Italtel digital receiver front

Transformation of Tv-Tel in Sky Link, Italtel Production
Realization of a sky-modem

New front for Italtel dgital receiver
Realization of a sky-modem

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